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Cassettes & Freewheels

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Campagnolo Veloce 10X Cassettes

Chain and sprockets have to work in perfect harmony, the profile of Veloce 10X Cassettes with Ultra-Drive teeth is optimised, result is perfect synchronisation.

Campagnolo replacement cassette lockring.

Campagnolo cassette lockring Please check what tooth your first sprocket is. 11T - for 11 tooth first sprocket 12T - for 12 or 13 tooth first sprocket

Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed Cassette

Steel Nickel-chromed finish, Light alloy supports for the final two triplets, 11x Spacing, 11x Tooth machining 11, Light alloy lockring. Weight 230g

Campagnolo Veloce UltraDrive 9 Speed Cassette

Steel•Galvanized•Ultra-Drive•Single sprockets•Supplied with lockring •Optimized sprocket timing •Ultra-Drive system surface galvanization.•Weight 250g

Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Cassette

In competition every detail counts; that´s why steel & titanium are used when producing Record sprockets.8 steel sprockets, 3 titanium sprockets Weight 201g

Campagnolo Record 8 Speed 13-26 Cassette

Campagnolo Exa-Drive 13-26, 8-speed cassette.•Nickel-chromed steel sprockets.•Supplied with 8x lockring, which can only be used with this cassette.

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